October 12, 2013

We are back!

Hello! It has been (sadly) over a year since we have even set foot on this blog. We would think about it all of the time, wishing we could post but feeling unable to find sufficient time. Every semester and every year at college is an adjustment. We never wanted to just slop posts together quickly just for the sake of posting. We want them to be thoughtful and inspiring. While we couldn't find the time, we really missed the outlet. That is what the blog was meant for--a creative outlet that we wanted to share. We wanted to write a whole post dedicated to explaining that we have decided to bring the blog back and try to update at least once a week. Our lives have changed drastically in the past year and we definitely have so much to show you guys! Now that we share an apartment, we have so many goodies to talk about from clothes to recipes to diy to daily living, we are excited to share new posts. While our lives are different now, thrifting will never go out of style for us.
Expect new posts from us!

Sophia & Sarah

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