August 1, 2012

About Us

Welcome to the Thrifty Part of Town!
TPOT, a fashion and lifestyle blog, was created by two best friends, Sophia and Sarah, who share a love for the Earth, recycling, creating, shopping, healthy organic food and tea, and of course, thrifting. Within the 10 years that we have been best friends, we have learned ways to shop that benefit both ourselves and the planet. Through shopping at thrift stores and other small shops, we acquired an immense thrifting appreciation. Thrift shops provide a way to recycle clothing and find the most unique and best fitting clothes we can find. Along with shopping at thrift stores and sale racks, we firmly believe in living green. This includes acting in ways that are sustainable and supporting environmentally friendly principles and movements. By helping the beautiful planet we inhabit we are helping ourselves become better and healthier. You will also find ways to upcycle what you already have through DIYs.

This blog is to inform others about what is available and affordable that can benefit yourself, others, and the environment. A passion we've always shared is being fashionable on a budget, and if our tips and ideas inspire another to be thrifty and creative, we will feel honored.

Here you will find what inspires us, our thrifty outfits, reviews of stores that we have been to, beauty products that worked and didn't work, and some tutorials we made. Also expect some features of our friends.

We were both born and raised in Philadelphia and are currently seniors in college.

Sophia is currently an Early Childhood Education and Spanish major who inspires to utilize the arts into her everyday classroom. She started college as an Art major but always felt compelled to be a teacher for the little ones and switched over early on. Although fashion and art are no longer studies for Sophia, she still incorporates them into her daily life and this is why she feels so strongly about having this little blog to share. She enjoys clean eating, blending up smoothies, baking, and gardening. She believes life revolves around creation. What better way to do than through fashion, art, and food?

Sarah is majoring in Environmental Studies and Spanish and aspires to have a job conserving and protecting the Earth and its resources. Not only does she want to work here in the United States, but in South America as well. She is very passionate about water, agriculture, and energy conservation, as well as foreign languages and cultures. She hopes to visit as many beautiful sites of the world that she can. Sarah loves hiking, gardening, enjoying the outdoors, good company and enlightening conversation. Some of her favorite trends are rompers, anything fringe or crochet lace, funky pants and shorts, and dresses with sleeves.

Every single picture and graphic you see on this blog is taken or handmade by us. We sincerely hope you enjoy your time here!


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