August 5, 2012

Top Thrifting Tips

If you have never been to a thrift store, you might have some types of feeling towards it. Maybe you think all the clothes are old and that only a particular group of people shop there. But we are going to tell you right now, you need to banish some of these assumptions. Here is a list of tips for those of you who have never thrifted OR who have, maybe you'll pick up something!

1. It is always best to have a slight idea of what you want. Thrift stores can be overwhelming sometimes with racks and racks of things. We always say to ourselves something like "I really hope to find a sleeveless collared shirt" or "I want to find a high waisted skirt" or "I want a yellow belt." Then when we go, these are the things we check for first. Sometimes we are lucky and sometimes we're not. Then next we always check out what we love most- the dresses, which brings us to our next tip.

2. Always check the aisle of clothing you love most quickly after getting into the store. For instance, we are obsessed with dresses and always check this rack, then we check the skirts.

3. Sizes don't always apply in the thrift store. These are items that could have came out last year or 5 years ago. Sizing changes a lot and varies from company to company. While we are usually one size in most things, we have found different sized items such as larger shirts that look great tucked into skirts for more of a "loose" look. Talking about sizes once again brings me to another tip,

4. Not all thrift stores have a changing room. This is very important because we know some people obsessively try things on(Sophia does this in every other store) so this can be kind of a downer. Our favorite thrift store does not have one. However, this is why you wear clothing that is easy to shop in and layer. We usually wear a simple dress or a tight tshirt and jeans. This way, it's easy to flip a dress over your head or pull on a jacket, button-up, or sweater if you don't know whether or not you really want it.

5. We have personally never bought shoes from the thrift store, but we know people do it and to this we say, bring a pair of thin socks to try them on with.

6. Do not buy a bunch of things because they are really cheap. We know most things are $5 or less but you do not want a bunch of things that will go to waste in your closet. Unless it brings a smile on your face picturing yourself wearing it, it is usually not worth it.

7. Don't just glance over racks, especially if you are searching for something. Take the time and look through. Awesome finds happen by looking through and physically finding them, not just by glancing over a rack and seeing it sticking out.

8. Don't be scared to go into different sections of the store. Are you looking for vintage disney t's? Go to the children's section and you might be surprised as to what you find. You want a big cozy sweater? Men's section, here we come.

9. Use this time to try out something different. You can stray from your usual style without paying much at thrift or vintage stores.

10. It's best to go in a pair or maybe three people tops. Sometimes, going in a big group is not the best idea because while one person could be completely into the store and finding great stuff, another person can be wanting to leave. No one likes to be rushed or feel as if they are holding somebody up.

11. Thrift stores may sometimes have sections of random items like knick knacks and little house hold items. Don't be afraid to check that out. We've found some awesome items to decorate our rooms with since. We have found items such as a light blue framed mirror there, unique vases, cool lights (we once found little strung lights that were cute red hearts), and although we have never bought one, there are usually always cool suitcases.

12.Thrift stores are also home to many interesting and unique dishes. Both of us have found cool mugs. Sophia found a strawberry mug and I found a brown woody looking one before.

13. If there is a book section check it out! You may be able to find some great reads, or just pick up a book that looks interesting. Buying new books is more expensive and you're recycling the paper by buying it used. At our favorite thrift books are 2 for $1. Sophia also found a hard back Harry Potter book in perfect condition at a thrift store for only $1 to complete her collection.
    Also, Sarah once found a little handwritten inspirational quote on a card as a bookmark in one of her books. It's pretty cool because you'll never know what you can find at the thrift store, such as unique inspirational quotes.

14. Always have cash ready! We know this day in age everyone likes to carry and use their debit or bank card. Some thrift stores may not always take card or they may have a spending limit of $10.00.

15. Be optimistic and open to different thrift stores. Although it may look a little odd from the outside, or you may feel like you won't find anything, it doesn't hurt to try! For example, our one friend Cait found the skirt of her dreams for only $1! You never know, you might get surprised.

16. The thrift store is also a great place to buy items you can remix and DIY. Because items are cheap you don't feel bad cutting them up, also its easy to find over sized items you can change.

If we think of any more we will be sure to add to the list. Hope these tips help you out next time you set out to thrift!

Sophia & Sarah

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