May 29, 2014

Printable Spring and Summer To Do List

I personally really love to do lists, and I use them for everything including tasks, events, and movie lists. Upon receiving a drawing tablet for my birthday by one of my best friends, Linda, I decided, why not create my own? This is one of my beginning projects to get the feel of my drawing tablet before I use it for slightly more advanced endeavors. After creating it, I decided I would like to share this on here because maybe someone else may find it useful as well. Very simple but that is how I like it.
You can download the pdf file of my to do list here.
Please do not remove my credit, and I would love to hear if you do use it.
I plan on laminating mine, which makes it easier to reuse over and over again! When using the pdf version, you are also able to print more than one per sheet.

Have a lovely weekend,

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