August 4, 2012

Getting Clearer Skin for back to School: the Natural Way.

One of my personal goals this summer was to truly perfect my skin. I thought "I have all this time to experiment, I need to find what works best for me." I don't have money to be trying product after product and decided it was time to change my skin from the inside out.
A main point that not everyone realizes is that your skin is in a way, a portrayal of your body and what you put inside it. Sometimes there are those lucky people who can eat anything they want and still have perfect skin. But that's not true for all of us. A lot of products claim to clear your skin and make you flawless, but truth is, the majority of the time, chemicals are zapping away at your face and drying it up. It will all come right back after you stop using the product.
If you are going back to college, starting now you have around 3 weeks. If you are going to high school, you have more like 4 or 5. This is a GREAT time to clear up your skin by incorporating good skin enhancing foods into your meals.

1. Water is your best friend. I know everyone says this, but drinking 8 cups of water a day is so important for practically every part of your body. Take water everywhere. Have some by you while watching TV or on the computer. Keep a bottle in your bag as you travel around. Water keeps your body and face moisturized. Drink it throughout the day, chugging it all at once is not the best idea.
2. Green Tea. Unsweetened green tea is great for you because of it's antioxidants and vitamins. Keeping sugar out of it makes it even better because sugar can cause breakouts. Also, green tea gives you energy! It's just a good tea to have.
3. Granola. When you get plain granola with almonds, the whole grains and fibers are actually really good for  bringing some glow into your face. I realized that when I had some everyday after dinner at school, my skin eventually seemed brighter. I researched about whole grains and it's true, extremely good for your skin! All you need is a little cup of some each day.
4. Green vegetables. As usual, veggies are good for you. Eating cucumbers and salad daily is not just good for your well being, but good for fighting some breakouts.
5. Strawberries. Of course as these are my favorite things in the world, I had to include strawberries. They are packed with Vitamin C and fiber. They boost your skin and are super delicious too :) You can also buy frozen strawberries (cheaper and last longer) to make smoothies out of.

These are the five foods that I eat almost every day and I can honestly say I am seeing a difference in my skin. There are many other foods that I have heard work but I have not tried. These include avocado, salmon and pumpkin seeds.

While a lot of your skin is caused from what you eat, you also should be using a cleanser to wash your face each night. Dust, and dead skin cells can built up. However, it is even better to continue this natural process by using products that are also made naturally. Burts Bee's and Lush are two companies that make everything naturally.
Something I recommend for everyone of every skin type is St. Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Scrub
This runs from $2-4. It is cheaper if you buy it at a supermarket like GIANT. If you go to CVS, it will be more expensive. However $4 still is a great price for something that works so good. After using this product, my skin is so soft. I have REALLY sensitive skin, practically everything makes me burn. But this does not at all. The thick texture feels natural and clears out your pores. They also don't test on animals!
**After you wash your skin, pat dry with a clean wash cloth. This helps keep moisture in your face.
***If you wear your hair down to sleep, this could be contributing to your breakouts because it is bringing oil on your face. If you still like wearing your hair down, wear a soft headband to push your hair back. Or just wear your hair up. (I like wearing my hair down so I usually wear a headband to sleep).

Now here are some things to avoid.
1. Soda is one of the most pimple causing things out there. If you cut back on soda or even better, removed it from your life, you will see a difference. The sugar and syrup in it is just straight out bad for you. (I personally love Ginger Ale with my whole heart and it is the only soda I can't cut out!)
2. Too much sugar is kind of self explanatory but I decided to put it in here anyway. I am in no way against  cookies or cheesecake because I love those things but too much is bad for you. We need a little amount of sugar each day for energy but going overboard will leave you with breakouts.
3. Greasy foods. Just stay away from them. Grease is never good for you.

Keep in mind that these are things that have worked for me. Your skin may be a little different than mine and the results may be different. However all of these are natural foods and shouldn't cause anything harmful.
Also keep in mind that you are your worst enemy of yourself. Most of the time, other people don't even notice little things we notice. Relax and let results come slowly. Stress only adds to pimples.


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  1. huuuummm....granola you say...I will have to add this to my diet, thanks ;)