August 15, 2012

Rainy Day Daises

This dress is probably one of my favorite articles of clothing that I own right now. It's so fun and it's a good length. A lot of dresses coming out now are a little too short for comfort. Being more practical about length and making sure I will feel comfortable walking around the city or campus has saved me a lot of money when it comes to dresses. Whatever makes you feel comfortable! Anyway, this dress, which is from my favorite website ASOS, was originally $49 but I waited until it went on sale and got it for $19! 
I already had my outfit all ready for the day but when Sarah and I got up to go was thundering and pouring. We refused to not go and threw on some boots instead. I felt a little weird for wearing boots in August but when I didn't have to worry about my feet getting wet....I was happy I wore them.

So what's thrifted? Bag $4, Belt $2. Other outfit details: Dress, Asos

Have a great day, 

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