August 10, 2012

Thrift Store Reviews: Our favorite, Super Thrift!

Out of the thrift stores we shop at, Super Thrift in Philadelphia is definitely our favorite. It's a well organized, well-priced store. There is a nice selection of all kinds of items and we are almost definitely bound to find something when we go.
Each day, the store has "half off" a certain color tag. The color will be hanging up in the back. This store is not one of those thrifts who cater to more "indie" customers, nor is it too dark and dusty. It is a family thrift store with all kinds of clothes. What is best is that things are priced independently. For example, some stores will make it so all dresses are say, $5. Not here! They range from super cheap to cheap.

The location is nice and easily accessible by Septa (the 89, or the Market-Frankford el stop Berks). It is at Aramingo Ave and York Street in "The Richmond Mall" plaza.

The majority of our clothing thrifted is most likely to be from this store. There is some light hunting through clothes to find some goodies, but it's always worth it!

 (p.s. there's also a Mandee's here, a store we're also fans of  c: they always have good sales on shoes. )

Here is an article mentioning the store:

     All in all we give this store  5/5!


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