May 29, 2014

DIY: Spicing Up Tacks With Vintage Buttons

Hello! When moving into my apartment, I wanted to take a whole new approach to my desk. I wanted it to be more organized and also very eye-catching so I would look at my lists and tasks more often. This is one of the quickest DIYs you will probably ever do, and maybe one of the cheapest as well. These are ideal for the office or for an inspiration board.

So what will you need?

1. Buttons Depending on what look you are going for, you will need a selection of buttons. Being someone who likes pops of bright color, I chose the brightest and funkiest buttons out of my buttons. When I was younger, I was given a huge bin of vintage buttons by an older neighbor of mine. It is 10 years later and they still come in handy. If you want a more serene theme, stick with golds and whites. Or you can do shades of one color, that part is completely up to you. If you do not have any laying around, you are sure to find some oldies at the thrift store or you can pick out new ones at a craft store like AC Moore or Michael's.

2. Tacks You will need as many tacks as buttons that you want to be used. I have clear ones that were actually from the dollar store, so feel free to check our the dollar store if you want some clear ones! I do not think the color of the tack will make a significant difference in how your tacks come out.

3. Glue Gun with Glue This is what will keep your tacks and buttons together. My glue gun is a bit older, but most craft stores carry them for around $3 or cheaper.

The Process
1. You are going to place glue on one tack at a time.
2. Press the button on the glue and push them together as tight as you can.
3. Lay the button downwards and let it dry for at least 5 minutes.
4. While the buttons dry, repeat the same process until all of your buttons are done.
5. Let them sit for a little while before you try hanging them up, they need to be cooled down or they will not set and will pop back off easily.

That's it! Be sure to leave me any questions below or show me how yours came out because I would love to see!


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