May 24, 2014

Top Thrifty Shops

Unsure of where to shop to find thrifty treasures?
We have some ideas!

Photo credit: Circle Thrift Yelp

1. Circle Thrift - Located in Philadelphia on Frankford Ave, they are very friendly and welcoming with some cool threads. Check them out for their address and directions!

Photo credit: Goodwill

2. Goodwill - Check your nearby locations; the one we frequent most is located in Reading on 5th street, but there are many locations.We love how organized they can be!

Photo credit: The Salvation Army

3. Salvation Army - Another popular thrift store with many locations, check if there's one near you!

Photo credit: Buffalo Exchange

4. Buffalo Exchange - Although it is a consignment shop (you can "sell" your clothes rather than just donating) it does offer some reasonably priced, sometimes never worn gems. Can't make it to the one we visit in Philly? Look for the one closest you on their website.

Photo credit: Once Worn Yelp

5.  Once Worn Consignment - Located on 2nd Street in Philadelphia with many other eclectic stores. We've found some goodies here and we especially like their sale rack and $1.00 basket, always some cool finds.

Photo credit: Philly Aids Thrift

6. Philly Aids Thrift - Not located too far from South Street, Philly AIDS Thrift is a quirky little shop with some cool finds, Sarah found an awesome Led Zeppelin poster for $6.00!

Remember, not only do we love shopping at thrift stores, but donating is just as important. We're giving back to the cause that we love and possibly providing that thrifted treasure for another. Don't forget to donate any of the clothes you aren't too fond of anymore, always recycle!

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