August 17, 2014

Sun Hats and Sheer Floral

Thrifted: long white design-knit vest $2.00, sheer black printed pants $3.00
What's better than a flowing maxi? Flowing pants! These pants will forever be one of my favorite thrift finds. They're sheer, black with a mini floral print. They are very easy to wear and match, super comfortable, and pants! It's not everyday you come across a pair like these. The vest is another favorite since it is very versatile and easy to wear as well. Together these pieces create a very chill, bohemian-style outfit. I put on my sunhat (a gift from the lovely Sophia) and I was ready to both attend a festival and garden! Great summer outfit, all of the pieces are very lightweight. On a hanger pieces of clothing like these may look odd or intimidating, but you will never know until you try on. Always give it a chance!

keep on thriftn',

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  1. I'm trying to get in touch with Sophia Anntoinette. I'd really like to talk to her. This isn't spam. You can reach me at if you see this. Hope to hear from you.