July 31, 2014

Little Rose

This summer has been extremely hot. I am taking a science class this summer so I don't have to take it during the upcoming school year as this will be my most busy year (I start teaching in classrooms this year!) Anyway, I have found that the easiest (and breeziest) way to dress for class this summer is to throw on a dress and call it a day. I found this dress for only $12 at the beginning of summer at Rainbow, which really has some goodies from time to time. I mean, they are known for having 2 for $20 shoes, sandals, and flats in all colors, where else can you find a deal like that? I've had this thrifted clutch since high school and I always find myself grabbing it in the summer. This particular day I had a lovely dinner with my friend Linda as well.

So what's thrifted? Clutch $1.99 

Have a lovely weekend,

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