August 6, 2012

Poppy Flowers

   When I found this dress, let's just say it did not look like this. I found this at the Goodwill in the children's section, let's start with that. It was guaranteed to be more childish-it came with two huge puffy sleeves on each side. However, I couldn't put it back. The cut out back was speaking to me and I knew it had some potential. Therefore, it came home with me and I snipped off those sleeves and then actually used the sniped off sleeve as a belt to pull the dress in more at the waist because it had a higher waist to begin with. Don't ever put down something that you think has some potential! ;) This bag is also thrifted, a find that I wear quite often because I love the color.

I hope you are all feeling lovely


  1. I love your dress :)
    Your blog is amazing


  2. Cute dress, I wish I had seen the original dress with the puffy sleeves. I know feel that I can go out and get a dress and remake it. Thanks for the post.

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