August 9, 2012

Things We Love: Filtered Water Bottles

We are both constantly determined to drink those 8 cups of water every day. At the beginning of college last year, I bought three cases of water bottles because I drink a lot every day. However, they ran up fast and when you average in how much case after case costs, it can get a little costly for a college student budget. Not only that, all that plastic is not good for the environment. My roommate and I both realized this and wanted to change. Sarah was the first I know (being an Environmental Studies major) that started to use a BRITA water bottle. She convinced us that we should probably go out and get some. These bottles are reusable bottles that filter tap water and also make the taste a little better. Bam, you have purified water! Each one contains a filter that lasts about 300 refills or 2-3 months. Here is the one both my roommate and I have and recommend:
Filter Fresh Water Bottle from Rubbermaid
Pros: 1) Filters chlorine 2) BPA Free 3)You can put ice cubes in these as well!
These in particular run from $6-10. They are usually $10 but I have seen them on sale at Giant Food Market for $6 multiple times. I also know that they are carried by Kmart. If you can't find them in stores, they are also available on Amazon. Hopefully you find them in a store to save shipping.

Now here is the one Sarah had:
BRITA Water Filter Bottle
Pros: 1)Also filters chlorine 2)BPA Free 3)Recyclable 
These also run under $10. They can be found at more stores like Shop Rite and Target. Also available online of course. 

Now I have to say that there is another brand of filtered water bottles that I tried out but did not like. These are called The Bobble. They are very stylish looking with a completely clear body and colored filter. However, I did not like these at all. It is very hard to drink from and you have to squeeze the bottle very hard for the water to come out. I also did not enjoy the taste very much. Therefore, I would say either of the above two are much better and will get you drinking the amount of water that you should be.
While $10 seems a little hefty for a water bottle, in the long run it helps you out so much. You will no longer need to buy cases for up to months at a time and these can be taken anywhere.(like class and to the gym!)


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